Video Game Inspires Prosthetic Arm Design

The prosthetics industry has seen rapid development over the past years with the incorporation of new innovative technology, materials, and building methods, resulting in more advanced devices. As a result of the technology behind these prosthetic limbs advancing so drastically, companies can now focus on making more affordable and visually appealing models, allowing for individual customizations and the ability to build products at home.

Open Bionics, a company who manufactures affordable prosthetics, has recently introduced their newest model to their prosthetics lineup, a robotic arm modeled after the videogame Deus Ex. With over two million individuals having amputated limbs in the United States alone, these prosthetics give people the chance to regain their functionality and mobility for an affordable price.

To create the best designed arm, Open Bionics teamed up with the developers of the Deus Ex, Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal. The team’s goal is to show that the technology and devices found in videogames can not only become reality, but can also be affordable for the average consumer.

Designed with the majority of the parts 3D printed, the prosthetic arm allows for individuals to fully customize designs, resulting in a more cost-efficient product for the consumer. What’s more, the design files of the arm are available as open source software for anyone to download. Because of this, individuals with access to 3D printers can print fully functional parts of the arm themselves. The prosthetic’s fingers operate in real time through multiple points on the hand, allowing for a smooth, instantaneous motion between the user’s reactions and the bionic hand.

The design process in products similar to the Deus Ex arm, require industry experts to work closely together to ensure that all parts work to their maximum potential without any faults. Eclipse Automaton’s vertically integrated facilities incorporate mechanical, electrical and controls design and engineering to ensure that each customer receives the optimal value added to their project on time and on budget.

Source: Engadget