Volvo Scraps Passenger Seat

With the addition of self-driving technology incorporated into newer vehicles on the market, car manufacturers are putting more focus on a passengers’ travel experience rather than the driving experience. By adding new features passengers are able to accomplish more during their travels, making travel a productive task instead of lost time. Recently, Volvo introduced a new car targeted at business professionals enabling passengers to work or unwind on the go.

Named the S90 Excellence, the model’s front passenger seat was removed and replaced with Volvo’s Lounge Console Concept. Eliminating the bulky passenger seat allowed Volvo to significantly increase the amount of foot room for the backseat passenger and the addition of a large computer monitor for personal or work use. The vehicle comes equipped with ultra-luxurious reclining massage seats, a drink cooler and a storage area for crystal glasses for additional relaxation.

When in ‘workspace mode’, the passenger can access a fold-out table and pop-up computer screen with laptop connectivity. Switching to ‘entertainment mode’ the screen can be used for streaming videos, which the user listen to aloud or through wireless headphones. When the passenger simply wants to rest the screen tucks away for more space to stretch out.

The car is powered by a combination of a four-cylinder engine and a rear-mounted electric motor, delivering an astounding mixture of performance and pure electric power. This hybrid system comes equipped with Pilot Assistance, a semi-autonomous hands-on-the-wheel driver assistant, which works up to 130 km/h (81 mph).

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Source: Newatlas