Wave Energy Proves Reliable After Trial

wavefarm_1Carnegie Wave Energy, backed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), has recently set a world record in renewable energy, completing 14,000 cumulative operating hours with their CETO wave process over the past year.

Named after a Greek sea goddess, CETO is an underwater power generator anchored to the sea floor that uses the motion of waves to produce energy. Installed a year ago, the project consists of three off-shore wave power generators which provide energy and purified water to HMAS Stirling, Australia’s largest naval base. As the first collection of wave-powered generators to be connected to an electricity grid, CETO 5 set a benchmark for wave energy. Furthermore, the process is environmentally friendly, has minimal visual impact, and attracts marine life, putting it above other energy producing methods in the field.

CETO contains many components which all work together to ensure that the most power is being produced from each passing wave. A fully submerged buoy is anchored to a hydraulic pump on the sea floor by a tether, which allows the buoy to float around two meters below the surface. Because the buoy is so close to surface, it moves with the motion of the passing waves, which in turn drives the pump. Pressurized water is then forced through a pipeline by the pump, where it travels along the sea floor and onto shore.

Once on land, the high pressure water is pumped into a small off-shore facility where it drives a hydroelectric turbine to generate zero-emissions electricity. This process has the potential to replace fossil fuel pumps in a desalination plant, providing clean water with zero emissions in the process. CETO 5’s year long trial proves that this type of efficient and reliable process could revolutionize power and clean water production.

Eclipse feels strongly that the economic growth of a company and conservation of the natural environment are compatible. Our environmental efforts are focused on where we have the most opportunity to make a difference, which includes providing our clients with progressive alternative energy solutions, much like CETO 5.

Source: CleanTechnica