Portable Hand-Held Microwave

Wayv-Adventurer-Portable-Microwave-3In the past the only way to cook food or drinks in the wilderness was to construct a fire or ignite a gas burner to produce heat. However, both these methods are time-consuming and often present challenges to individuals in rough conditions. Furthermore, some camp areas and forests have imposed a ‘no open flame’ policy, preventing use of both methods. As an alternate flameless option, Wayv has developed a device for heating food and drinks on the go, called the Adventurer.

The Adventurer is essentially a small portable microwave which can easily fit in your backpack as you travel. Developed for use by soldiers and adventurers in extreme settings, this device allows individuals to cook food without worrying about damp wood or gathering enough material to maintain a fire. Eliminating these issues allow outdoorsmen to focus on more important matters, knowing they have a heat source packed. Additionally, the Adventurer can also be used by anyone who simply requires an indoor or outdoor cooking appliance in their daily activities.

At 12 by 5 inches and 2.6 pounds, the Adventurer is small enough to fit in any backpack without adding ample weight. Even with these small dimensions, the device is still able to fit up to 500 milliliters worth of food or drink inside, which is enough space for a full water bottle or almost two regular size cans of soup.

The Adventurer generates its power form interchangeable quick-charging li-ion batteries which can easily be charged from a car input or solar charger. Once at full charge the batteries will last for up to 30 minutes of cooking time or up to 6 separate cycles of heating. Operating controls, found on the lid, are very basic and only consist of a digital screen and 5 buttons for starting/stopping, adjusting time, and turning on the backlight.

Unlike normal microwaves, the Adventurer uses laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductors transistors, which is the same technology found in RF amplifiers for cellphone towers. This technology is able to make the design compact and lightweight and enables food to be heated evenly without rotation. Heating with this method generates 250 Watts of energy, allowing quick, easy heating compared to flame appliances.

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Source: Gizmag