We Are the Know-How People

Strong organizations understand their most valuable commodity – that intangible “secret sauce” behind a business’s success. It’s not usually the product or service itself that makes the most difference, it’s something more deeply ingrained within the fabric of the company.

2021 marks Eclipse Automation’s 20th Anniversary and in those two decades many lessons have been learned. Perhaps the most important lesson, is recognizing and investing in what sets us apart.

The core of who we are at Eclipse comes to this: we are the know-how people.

Our “secret sauce” is our know-how; that proven capability and drive to solve complex automation needs, to make it all happen in record time, and with precision. There are many companies who can take on a project but there are few who will immerse themselves in finding new, leading-edge ways to deliver a better, faster and more productive solution for their customers. We don’t just chase growth, we enable it.

The Eclipse Group counts many of today’s leading global companies as clients. We like to work with people who are using innovative technology to move the needle in ways that change the world for the better. Perhaps it’s the shared bond of going above-and-beyond to create outstanding results that makes us their automation company of choice? We don’t shy away from the hard, the inconvenient, or the complicated. In fact, it just makes us more determined to find that elusive sweet-spot where we can harness our know-how to create a one-of-a-kind solution. We don’t just accept the outcome, we enhance it.

Of course, this know-how thrives in each member of our global team. Besides the specific skillset for any particular role, we hire for: grit, determination, expansive thinking, and a collaborative spirit. A sense of humour comes in handy too. We don’t just build our reputation, we embody it.

Our customers return for our future-forward systems and great people join our company in order to work on truly exciting programs. It’s a balance we strike between pushing the envelope and inventing an entirely better way to send a letter. We don’t just follow technology, we disrupt it.

Learn more about The Know-How People by exploring: www.eclipseautomation.com