Wynd Creates Portable Air Purifier

Air Purifyer1Individuals who suffer from asthma or severe allergies often require an air purification system in their household in order to eliminate harmful particles, resulting in cleaner living areas and easier breathing for everyone.

As beneficial as these air purifiers are, they are often bulky and require a cord which prevents them from being used anywhere besides a house. Wynd Technologies has created a device that uses a new design, allowing individuals clean air wherever they go without a required power outlet. Not only does Wynd purify air, but also includes an Air Quality Tracker to monitor the atmosphere around you and inform you about pollution levels.

The size of a water bottle and weighing half a pound, Wynd is ideal for both the home, the office and for use while traveling to ensure that a clean perimeter of air surrounds you at all times.. The wireless design allows Wynd to be used up to eight hours on a single charge and takes four hours to fully charge from empty. The filter inside the device captures 99% of particles over one micron and can be used up to three months without replacing. When the filter is near the end of its life the device will inform you and a new filter can be easily purchased from the company’s app. Wynd’s 360-degree LED light ring built into the top of the device indicates the quality of the air, airflow, battery level, and current filter use all on one functional display.

Wynd’s Air Quality Tracker comes attached to the bottom of the air purifier and wirelessly connects to your phone to display the data via Wynd’s app. The small device can be detached in order to clip onto your clothing to track the level of particles in the air from sources such as allergens, dust, and smoke. Also, the Air Quality Tracker records how the environment changes over time and notifies you when conditions get worse. With this data the device can be put into ‘auto mode’ where it will automatically adjust the purification level depending on current pollution, to maintain a clean environment. Wynd’s app uses the accumulated data to determine the amount of pollution you have prevented inhaling through the use of the air purifier over a period of time.

Instantaneous data collection technology, similar to the processes used in Wynd’s Air Quality Tracker, are essential in systems which require information monitoring and tracking. Eclipse Automation offers custom PLC and PC based solutions, providing real-time data analysis to ensure that you receive the best in statistical process control, part tracking and overall equipment effectiveness.

Source: Kickstarter