ROMA robotic arm used in the nuclear industry

The benefits of automation in the Energy industry

How to achieve sustainability, safety, and resilience In an era where sustainability, efficiency, and innovation are paramount, the energy industry is turning to automation to revolutionize its operations. Automation technologies are reshaping the way energy is produced, distributed,…

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How automation can help with life sciences manufacturing

The advantages of automation in medical device production

How to ensure your business stays on the leading edge With each passing year, the advancements made in the world of automation exceed what many thought was possible. This is especially true in the medical device manufacturing sector,…

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Life sciences products on conveyor

10 Tips for Growth & Scaling in the Manufacturing Industry

What the right automation partner can do for your business. Scaling a manufacturing business is no easy task. With these tips in mind, it’ll be much easier to grow your operations at a manageable rate. The manufacturing industry…

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One solution streamlines operations, boosts productivity, and reduces costs

Production challenges that automation solves On today's competitive manufacturing landscape, industrial automation has emerged as a transformative solution to address various production challenges. As a guide, we’ve put together a list of main production challenges that automation can…

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Automation system with a robotic arm moving a complex electrical part

Make sure you’re getting the most from your machinery

The advantage of custom automation in your production line While automation is great for businesses, nothing beats the advantages of using customized machinery in your production line. Here’s a full list of benefits. As the years progress, the…

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Shopfloor facility showing multiple automation systems

Make an informed decision that will set your business up for success

4 things to consider before automating your manufacturing facility As technology continues to advance, many manufacturing facilities are considering automation as a means to enhance efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. While automation can bring numerous benefits, it is crucial…

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Automation system that manufactures Life Science products

Drive innovation in healthcare through improved productivity and quality

The importance of automation in the Life Sciences Industry Without automation, the Life Sciences industry wouldn’t be nearly as far along as it is. Here, we explain what makes automation so crucial in this industry. Technological advancements play…

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Watch productivity, quality, safety, and satisfaction go up, and costs go down

5 reasons to automate your assembly lines Automation is becoming a crucial aspect of almost every assembly line. If you haven’t embraced it yet, here are some reasons to consider implementing it. Picture this: a factory buzzing with…

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Products moving along a conveyer with automation systems in the background.

Cutting-edge technology increases productivity and decreases costs

The Benefits of Automation in Consumer Goods Production Although companies are wary about it, automation is a good thing when it comes to consumer goods production. Here are the key benefits you should know about. In recent years,…

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Whiteshell Nuclear Decomissioning Project

Eclipse innovates nuclear decommissioning system

Turnkey solution offers design, build, test, transport, & assembly The ask from the client was for a system that could safely retrieve, sort and package nuclear waste. Eclipse Automation stepped up, took over the design and provided a…

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