Core Drivers Leading to Success

The digital world is moving us towards a more developed future. This century will be defined by the Industry 4.0, which is incorporating advanced technology such as network connectivity, sensors, and intelligent systems into traditional automation processes.

Thus, a truly intelligent company must continually evolve. Team members at Eclipse Automation play a significant role when developing, designing and integrating innovative solutions with a customer-focused approach. In order to enhance operations and provide an added value experience to clients and partners, Eclipse invests great resources to consistently recruit highly skilled individuals. Additionally, in-house training and employee programs are offered to support the continuous development of team members.

Eclipse’s centralized system offers real-time access to all data and KPIs into one management dashboard for complete operational control. This one-stop-shop tool enables the company to track every project as it progresses, ensures quality control monitoring, and provides a pro-active approach to finding and solving unforeseen business challenges. As an integral component of the smart philosophy, this internal system increases efficiency and accuracy to deliver projects on time.

Creating, strengthening and collaborating with Industry Leaders allow us to respond faster to market conditions both regionally and globally. Moreover, Eclipse Automation, Insys Industriesysteme AG, SMZ-Wickel-und Montagetechnik AG, ITE Automation Ltd., Transmoduls Ltd., and JULI Automation established the Smart Automation Group with the vision to collectively disrupt the traditional ways of providing custom automated services by offering scalable and cost-effective solutions to customers on a global scale. These 6 world-class companies joined forces to leverage experience, IP, and resources in order to significantly increase their overall capabilities enhancing value to all industries.

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