Tech & Automation Day 1 – 3D Printing

To wrap up 2016, Eclipse Automation is highlighting 12 topics we feel will have a significant impact on the upcoming manufacturing and automation landscape. See some of our top technology and automation highlights from 2016.

We’re starting off with a hot topic from this year, 3D printing. With the rapid expansion in different 3D printing technology, companies are able to create products quickly and more cost-efficiency. This process has revolutionized the way products are manufactured and have made design more innovative.

1. These 3D Printing Spider Robots are able to work together to complete tasks and construct complex structures. Each robot is able to communicate with one another as they work, to autonomously print while on the go.

2. The 3D Printed Wheelchair provides maximum comfort and care to patients. Each chair is custom printed to the specific user’s body, allowing the patient to limit their discomfort while seated.

3. This 3D Food Printer allows consumers to print any food design they would like with the push of a button and is capable of printing ready-to-eat hot food, helping individuals cook with limited effort.

4. XYZPrinting’s da Vinci MiniMarker lets children design and print by themselves. This printer is safe and easy to use, allowing children to use their creativity to design and make real objects.

5. Reebok’s liquid sneaker technology uses 3D printing to create the outsole of the shoe. The result is a more elastic and comfortable shoe for the consumer while on the go.