New Wind Turbine Design More Efficient & Compact

Wind TurbineAs the renewable energy industry grows, companies are designing new and improved devices to generate power without harming the environment. Recently, Tunisian company Tyer Wind created a new wind turbine design, which operates unlike any traditional turbine.

The turbine functions similar to hummingbird wings, comprising of two oscillating blades which move in a figure-8 motion. Due to this new design, power is generated from a rotational motion rather than a liner motion, increasing overall efficiency. The result is a rated power output of 1 kW.

The entire structure is made from carbon fiber and has a wing span of approximately five feet. This compact design decreases the overall size of the structure, enabling it to be used in residential areas. Furthermore, due to the new motion of the blades, the Tyer Wind produces much less noise pollution while in use, creating less negative impacts on wildlife and nearby residents.

Currently, Tyer Wind’s turbine is still in the testing phase, gathering data on its power efficiency, aerodynamic behavior, material resistance, and stress over the mast. Once released to the market the new turbine could provide a quieter solution to generating renewable energy.

Contribution to sustainable energy programs can have a large effect on the environment over time, improving the air we breathe and wildlife around us. Eclipse Automation strives to continually improve our environmental responsibility through its many corporate initiatives, whether for client projects or for Eclipse’s own benefit.

Source: NewAtlas