Electric Buggy for Bomb Squads

torq-defence-systems-light-electric-vehicleTORQ Defense Systems, a multi-terrain vehicle manufacturer based in Birmingham, has recently introduced their newest creation to the world. Titled the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Light Tactical Electric Vehicle (LTEV), this lightweight buggy allows law enforcement and government agencies to travel to dangerous locations safely and efficiently. Unlike TORQ’s previous products, the LTEV is specifically designed for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) personnel, creating safer conditions while dealing with threatening devices.

When a bomb squad is called to a dangerous scene, one key issue is trying to transport both personnel and their gear to the location of the threat quickly and safely. Having EOD personnel walk to the threat can result in immense fatigue due to their large suits and can be extremely time consuming in a dire situation. With the LETV, OED personnel are able to arrive on scene quickly, in full gear, and with all of their tools within reach.
Due to the LETV’s light and rugged design, the vehicle offers maximum off-road capabilities in order to reach any required location. The buggy is powered by an 18 HP electric AC brushless motor with a 450 Amp motor controller. With this power the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 48 km/h.

Inside the LETV, the driver’s space is large enough to allow fully suited personnel to operate controls without being constricted. Further components include an overhead operator protection system and an on-board charging system which allows any electronic devices to be charged on the go.

Though the LTEV is currently being designed for law enforcement use, the vehicle can be customized to suit the HAZMAT, US Customs, or SWAT teams in their procedures. Once implemented, this new vehicle will be a very useful addition to help keep the public as safe as possible.

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Source: PR Newswire