Tech & Automation Day 2 – Energy

2016 was a big year for energy, with a wealth of innovative technology introduced to the market. As demand for renewable energy increases, more companies are exploring alternative energy sources that are environmentally friendly.

1. Wave energy works over a year straight to produce power for a nearby naval base.

2. Solar panel roadways installed in a Missouri sidewalk, as first step in testing phase. These road tiles contain LED lights as well as heating to improve visibility and traction.

3. Tesla’s Gigafactory opens to provide 5.5 million sq ft. of workspace in the Nevada desert. When finished, the factory will be capable of doubling the world’s current lithium-ion battery production.

4. New battery technology is able to hold a charge for multiple days off seconds of charging time.

5. Solar-powered sea craft travels from California to Hawaii autonomously in only 41 days, powering itself along the way.