Tesla Cars Self-Driving

Tesla is well-known for continually introducing new technology and features into their vehicles, slowly bringing us into the future of automobiles. The company is not only creating vehicles with advanced interior technology and sustainable electric engines, but also proving that self-driving vehicles could be closer than we had ever imagined. As their next step, Tesla […]

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Vision Device for the Legally Blind

Across the world 246 million individuals live with impaired vision, restricting their ability to identify anything from road signs to words in a book. Though hand-held magnifiers and glasses are helpful to improve sight, they are not always a solution for long-term reading and can put strain on a person’s eyes. As a way to […]

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New Rotary Transmission Design

SRI has introduced the Abacus transmission, the first new rotary transmission design since Harmonic Drive introduced its revolutionary gear system in the 1960s. Harmonic Dive gears are amazing, but expensive due to of the kind of precision machining they require. Alexander Kernbaum, a senior research engineer at SRI International wanted to create a product which […]

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Electric Buggy for Bomb Squads

TORQ Defense Systems, a multi-terrain vehicle manufacturer based in Birmingham, has recently introduced their newest creation to the world. Titled the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Light Tactical Electric Vehicle (LTEV), this lightweight buggy allows law enforcement and government agencies to travel to dangerous locations safely and efficiently. Unlike TORQ’s previous products, the LTEV is specifically designed […]

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Boeing Design Reduces Jet Lag

For people who travel regularly, jet lag side effects are very common when they arrive at their destination, altering their internal clock and resulting in unwanted side effects. The most common of these side effects are fatigue and insomnia, however the symptoms can range to much more extreme conditions such as lack of appetite, headaches, […]

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Blood Analyzer Receives FDA Clearance

Patients who’ve had heart valve replacement surgery or experience conditions such as atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis, and congenital heart defects, often experience blood clotting. Due to this side effect, they must continually monitor their blood levels to prevent clots from happening and ensure their medication is working. In the past, a patient would have […]

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Google Robots Teaching Tasks

A robot’s neural network has many traits similar to the human brain, enabling continuous learning as it completes tasks in order to maximize efficiency. Through trial and error, both humans and robots are able to improve their abilities by repeating methods until they are able to find a process which works best. Though this learning […]

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