First 5G-Connected Cars

Researchers have long thought that if cars can communicate with one another they can navigate and respond to road conditions without human intervention. Until recently, this was only a theory because wireless technology was too slow to provide the necessary data speeds required but thanks to a new 5G network this theory is being put […]

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Conveyers Move Objects In Any Direction

Intralox, a company based out of New Orleans, makes directional conveyor belts that can push objects in any direction, providing some unique capabilities, such as merging, sorting, turning and aligning objects. Omnidirectional conveyor belts have similar practical functions to Activated Roller Belts (ARBs), providing added benefits to manufactures, including quicker cycle times and enhanced usability. […]

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Composite Wing Morphing

Aviation Partners Inc., in partnership with FlexSys, recently developed an innovative jet wing capable of morphing its shape during flight. These Flexfoil wings use composite materials that provide high strength, heat resistance, and low weight, making it the perfect option for aircrafts. Traditionally, aircrafts use a combination of mechanical flaps, spoilers and ailerons to alter […]

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Volvo Scraps Passenger Seat

With the addition of self-driving technology incorporated into newer vehicles on the market, car manufacturers are putting more focus on a passengers’ travel experience rather than the driving experience. By adding new features passengers are able to accomplish more during their travels, making travel a productive task instead of lost time. Recently, Volvo introduced a […]

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Electric Vehicles Built in Hours

Not too long ago self-driven cars were things of science-fiction but events like Roborace make streets filled with driverless cars seem like the not so distant future. Roborace is unlike other car race because there are no drivers behind the wheel, only robots. The event aims at driving innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence […]

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New Technology Repels Ice

Researchers say the development of a new ice repelling technology could revolutionize safety for aviation and other industries operating in extreme low temperatures. The material, called magnetic slippery surface (MAGSS), prevents ice from building up on surfaces at subzero temperatures. One side of the surface is coated with a magnetic material while the other is […]

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Desktop Waterjet Cuts Through Anything

A group of engineers from the University of Pennsylvania recently developed WAZER, a small, desk-sized waterjet cutter capable of through extremely tough materials. Similar to industrial waterjet cutters, the WAZER is powerful enough to blast through materials such as steel, ceramic tile, and titanium, however costs a fraction of the price. Waterjet cutters have been […]

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