Robots Feel and React to Pain

Although pain is perceived as a bad experience, the sensation comes with benefits which allow us to learn from and react to our actions. Without pain, humans wouldn’t know to stay away from hazards, or know when to rest when their bodies are pushed to the limit. Unlike humans, robots have few methods of knowing […]

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China’s Straddling Bus Concept

China is currently experiencing approximately 20 million new drivers on its roads each year due to a surge in population growth. Because of this increase, traffic levels are becoming unbearable for residents and emission levels are drastically increasing nationwide. As a possible solution to both issues engineers have developed the Straddle Bus, a transportation concept […]

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Device Detects Gluten In Your Meals

People who have celiac disease or gluten allergies are must thoroughly monitor every ingredient for a meal, including ones found on product labels, to ensure no wheat, rye, or barley is listed. It is even more difficult to monitor ingredients at a restaurant, due to lack of accurate item lists and cross contamination in kitchens. […]

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Smart Earbuds Change the Way We Hear

The invention of earbuds offered many improvements to previous headphone designs which were often large, hard to store, and not at all discreet. However, earbuds still had faults, including overpowering background noise and tangled wires. Nuheara, a tech company in San Francisco, recently created new smart earbuds, called IQbuds, which contain several helpful features to […]

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